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Sherry Strong

Your Host, Sherry Strong

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Sherry Strong is a Food Philosopher, Chef, Nutritionist and the Curator & Co-Founder of the World Wellness Project. She is the former Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, Melbourne President of Slow Food, TEDxTokyo 2009 speaker and was a beloved faculty member of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. 

Two decades ago, Sherry was completely addicted to sugar, she was obese, sick and depressed to the point of wanting to die. All of that changed when she got off sugar. Her journey to transition from eating what she calls a Lethal Recipe to simply returning to eating real food and seeking non-food nourishment, forms the basis for her book ‘Return To Food – the life-changing anti-diet’. Here she presents philosophies like Nature’s Principle, The Lethal Recipe and The Consumption Concept, that form the foundation for her online educational programs and coaching.

She is the CEO of the Return to Food Academy which trains food coaches to develop multiple streams of income based on Return to Food coaching program, that teaches people how to develop a healthy relationship with food, their body and the planet from a truly holistic approach.


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Expert Talk: Jonathan Landsman What in the World Is Sugar Doing to Your Body?

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  • Devastating truth about sugar and the heart!
  • Shocking truth about sugar and your brain
  • Most powerful vitamin for combating sugar addiction

Expert Talk: Trudy Scott, CN Amino Acids: Balance Your Brain & End Stress Eating

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  • Science of stress and comfort/emotional eating
  • Serotonin and worry, negativity and perfectionism
  • Power of amino acids against stress and sugar addiction


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7 Recipes for Life eBook by Sherry Strong

Hypernourish your body! This simple-to-read mini-cookbook reflects Sherry’s passion to help you discover the TRUTH behind why you’re struggling with weight issues, the LIES behind diets and the EASE of reversing the effects of years (even decades!) of poor nutrition.

7 Recipes for Life eBook

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"Greatest" Little Recipe eBook by Sherry Strong

This eBook of delicious and simple recipes features Zoodles, which are a great alternative to insulin-spiking, refined grain pastas and noodles.

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